Tiptop Audio MIXZ Bus Mix Bypass

So I decided that I wanted to connect all of the Tiptop Audio 808/909 drums to a pair of MIXZs via the Bus Mix option. The only hitch is that I still wanted each of the 808 and 909 drum modules to have their own dedicated mixer while remaining together in the same row. My solution for now is to bypass the Bus Mix right after one of the MIXZs.

1. Gather up the parts.

2. Locate the first four conductors opposite of the red stripe on the ribbon cable. Snip down between the fourth and fifth conductor roughly 1cm and then snip off all four conductors.


Thonk + Toppobrillo = Thonkobrillo?

Thonk will be stocking DIY PCBs for both the Triple Wave Folder and the Buchla 281 (clone) Function Generator projects. The following link will take you to their site for ordering as well as more information.

Thonk: Toppobrillo


Toppobrillo Quantimator Firmware Upgrade

Toppobrillo has programmed a few new features into the Quantimator. Those features are:

- Faster Quantize Response - The note acquisition to output latency has been reduced to around 1.5 milliseconds.

- Selectable Trigger-On-Quantize Mode - When in SCALE mode (without external triggering), OUTPUT 3 now outputs a ~1.5 millisecond 5V pulse each time a new value is quantized. The Quantimator still operates as an ASR when using the trigger input. This functionality is user-selectable on power-up (new units will ship without this enabled to avoid confusion)

If you would like to have your Quantimator updated to the new firmware, please contact info AT toppobrillo DOT com and Josh will get you sorted. If you happen to live in the Los Angeles area and would like to have your Quantimator updated, I will be available to update your module for you after March 21st. Just send an email to address listed above and mention "George, update my module!" somewhere in the body of the email.

For more information, please refer to this Muff Wiggler Post.



Modular Tutorials - Modular Synth Basics

Are you new to modular synthesizers? Would you like an introductory into the never ending world of modulating modulators with modulators? If so, check out this new series by The Tuesday Night Machines on YouTube. You can MIDI aside for now while you get down and dirty with the basics of voltage controlled music. Don't worry, MIDI will always be your friend and will still be there when you need it.


EquaComp 10

A continuation of the last post containing some more audio from the Microbe Equation Composer being passed through the Tiptop Audio MIXZ.

EquaComp 03

Nothing too special. A fellow Muff Wiggler asked to hear some audio recorded through the Tiptop Audio MIXZ. I just happened to have recorded this a day ago for another reason. So here it is in the raw.


Modular Psychedelicatessen

These are some of my recent jams with the modular. My current goal is to limit myself to only using the modular for a live set without the safety net of a laptop running Ableton Live.

Eurorack Modular Live: Boiler Room

Just stumbled upon a few more "live" modular treats for your ears.


Tiptop HATS808 - Rhythmic Random

Another straight run through for maudibe on Muff's. This just some random twiddling on the Trigger Riot with the Z8000 used to automate accents and decay on the HATS808. Recorded though the MIXZ into a Tascam DR-100 MKII.

Tiptop HATS808 - RAW Unprocessed Sound

Be super careful playing this on your speakers. The last section with just the direct BP Output is pretty harsh.