CD Turntable >> Control Voltage >> Modular

This never occurred to me, but it makes perfect sense as an alternate controller for modular perfromances. The CDJ is communicating with the modular synth in the background via control voltages that were burned onto CD. This should be fairly easy to setup with Traktor, S2, X1, or F1 as the control interface and should produce some really fun and bizarre sounds.

CVTT01 from VoltageCtrlR on Vimeo.

And with vinyl as well:

Check out this Muff Wiggler thread for more information about the process.

Psytrance from Marz

Marz233 put up a new psytrance track earlier today that includes some modular audio recordings I did using only Toppobrillo and Tiptop modules. The modules that I used were the Multifilter, Z3000, Z4000, and Z2040. For now the file is available as a download so if you like it, grab it before he locks the download option.

"Psychedelic culture, more specifically Psytrance in itself, represents the bridge over the Aetheric Sea that connect us all. My contribution to this hidden temple. Enjoy!" -Marz233


Tiptop Audio - Trigger Riot Patch Sheet

I recently picked up the Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot which has been tons of fun and slightly confusing at first. There is so much happening under the hood that it is easy to get lost while adjusting parameters. In attempt to keep myself organized while fumbling around I came up with a simple patch sheet for jotting down ideas that would be easy to use.

The links below are for the Google Documents version and the original Excel file. If you decide to print these out, make sure the printer is set to print the file as profile so all details will remain on a single sheet of paper. Nice and tidy!

Google Document

Excel Document


The Synth Patch >> Toppobrillo DIY

The Synth Patch was created to provide support for existing as well as future Toppobrillo DIY projects. The first item they are offering is a parts kit for the Buchla 281 Dual Function Generator. This kit includes all PCB-mounted components other than switches, potentiometers, LEDs, and jacks since these items would be format/build specific. Everything is organized and tagged to help DIYers with identification. If you would like more information about the project, check out the DIY page on the main Toppobrillo site.

In the future, they will be adding kits for the Triple Wave Folder and other projects that are still in development.


Sidechain Ducking in Maschine with Twisted Tools MSMAX

I created a tutorial that demonstrate how to set up sidechain ducking inside of Maschine by using Twisted Tools MSMAX.

Toppobrillo Multifilter

Here's a few videos describing the Toppobrillo Multifilter. These are from Rual Pena's site: Modular Wild. He has posted lots of useful information describing the functions and features of various Eurorack modules.