Field Recording: Bahamas 2005

The recording was made during a vacation to Hopetown located on Elbow Key in the Bahamas. This audio clip is an exterior field recording of the ocean at roughly 26.517393, -76.969013 during the mid afternoon. The audio was captured using a Sony MZ-N707 mini disc recorder along with Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 binaural microphones. From this point the audio was transferred using a Yamaha 01V96V2 Digital Mixer, Mbox 2 Pro, and Pro Tools.

Beach Behind Chrysalis


The 233 Project Update

The Anunnaki EP can now be downloaded from the Sound Cloud player.

As well as the link above, the entire album can be downloaded here.


Elektroworx on Sound Cloud

Brushing away the dust from another old project. Elektroworx has a home on Sound Cloud along with The 233 Project. Have a listen to the almost full Planet Eth album (-1 song that is MIA on the drives).


The 233 Project on Sound Cloud

Sean and I got an invite to join in on the fun that Sound Cloud is creating. The 233 Project Anunnaki EP from 2005 can be played in the provided player. Later this week I plan to talk with Sean to find out whether or not we are going to make the audio content portion downloadable. My assumption is that we will.


MIDIBoxFM: OPL3, DACs, & Jumpers

I started from one corner of each IC with a little bit of solder on one of the pads. As soon as that corner was secure I jumped to the corner opposite of he previously soldered pin. Solder that pin. This method allows you to tack down the IC for hands free soldering. Once the IC is tacked down, the rest of the pins are easy enough. Keep a solder sucker handy just in case you bridge any pins. Move fast and keep any heating of the chip as minimal as possible.

MIDIBoxFM: Jumpers
Here is the PCB with all required jumpers installed. The jumpers are made from salvaged leads left over after soldering components.


Stribe: Spectra Symbol Softpot Linear Potentiometer

Stribe: Spectra Symbol Softpot Linear Potentiometer
I just received these 170mm "touch sensitive" linear potentiometers developed by Spectra Symbol. I purchased them from Josh Boughey during the prototype phase of his Stribe project. My plan is to stray a bit from the Stribe project slightly. I suggest checking out the Stribe Forum for all development news.