Modular: Instajams

Video synthesis, why do you have to be so much fun? #modularsynth #lzx #lzxindustries #lzxvisualcortex #lzxstaircase #lzxprismaticray #lzxliquidtv



Modular: Instajams

Modularless but just as much fun. #elektron #nomodularsynth #octatrack #digitakt #analogfour #a4 #analogheat #sidepiece



Modular Demo - Noise Engineering @ Perfect Circuit Audio

This Saturday, April 16th from 3PM to 5PM, Noise Engineering will be doing a Q&A as well as product demo at Perfect Circuit in Burbank, CA. Like previous events, it should be a fun and information packed session so come out to see what's going on.

If you would like more info, please check out the event page on Eventbrite.


Modular Music - Bana Haffar and Rodent 516 Interview

Modular Patch - Random Addressed Fixed Voltage Sequencer

With this patch, I intend to demonstrate how to setup a randomly addressed sequencer that references fixed voltages. This method allows for specific note selection so it is easy to tune in desired values while retaining a random progression in the sequence.

Set the A-129-3 Vocoder Slew-Limiter channel 1 offset control to 5 and then

patch CV out 1 into the A-152 Addressed T&H/Switch SW I/O channel 1 input. Set the Man N control on the A-149-1 Quantized Random Voltages to 5 and then patch the A-149-1 Quantized Random Voltages n+1 output to the CV In on the A-152. Set the A-152's CV control to 10 and patch a clock signal into the Clk In of the A-149-1.