Modular: Steiner Triple Envelope Generator

Steiner Triple Envelope Generator
Almost done! This is the Analogue Realities recreation of the Steiner-Parker Triple Envelope Generator. Currently I have a few more wires that need be connected to the front panel components and then I'm ready for the first test. So far the build has been fairly easy since the project's documentation is really thorough. Looks like next week I'll have enough time to finish up the build which is great because I'm really looking forward to trying this module out.

More information about this module can be found at the Steiner Synthasystem website.

Modular: iPad/iPhone to Octomod

This a quick and easy patch I created in Pure Data to interface an iPhone or iPad to the Octomod. There are eight sliders that adjust the control voltage being output from the Octomod.

The Pure Data patch and TouchOSC layouts can be found here.


Modular: Octomod Breadboard

Octomod Breadboard
Pictured is my attempt at breadboarding the Greg Surges Octomod. The Octomod is an Open Sound Control to Control Voltage (OSC to CV) interface. This interface provides connections between hardware modular synths and software such as Processing or Pure Data. I'm still testing my breadboard out along with the software connections but I'm super excited to try it out for the first time.

Ongoing discussions about the device can be found on the following forums:
Muff Wiggler
USB-Octomod Google Group