Toppobrillo Quantimator Firmware Upgrade

Toppobrillo has programmed a few new features into the Quantimator. Those features are:

- Faster Quantize Response - The note acquisition to output latency has been reduced to around 1.5 milliseconds.

- Selectable Trigger-On-Quantize Mode - When in SCALE mode (without external triggering), OUTPUT 3 now outputs a ~1.5 millisecond 5V pulse each time a new value is quantized. The Quantimator still operates as an ASR when using the trigger input. This functionality is user-selectable on power-up (new units will ship without this enabled to avoid confusion)

If you would like to have your Quantimator updated to the new firmware, please contact info AT toppobrillo DOT com and Josh will get you sorted. If you happen to live in the Los Angeles area and would like to have your Quantimator updated, I will be available to update your module for you after March 21st. Just send an email to address listed above and mention "George, update my module!" somewhere in the body of the email.

For more information, please refer to this Muff Wiggler Post.


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