Tiptop Audio MIXZ Bus Mix Bypass

So I decided that I wanted to connect all of the Tiptop Audio 808/909 drums to a pair of MIXZs via the Bus Mix option. The only hitch is that I still wanted each of the 808 and 909 drum modules to have their own dedicated mixer while remaining together in the same row. My solution for now is to bypass the Bus Mix right after one of the MIXZs.

1. Gather up the parts.

2. Locate the first four conductors opposite of the red stripe on the ribbon cable. Snip down between the fourth and fifth conductor roughly 1cm and then snip off all four conductors.

3. Now find the triangle arrow indicator on the IDC connector. It's on the left side when looking at the notched side of the connector.

4. Line the arrow indicator up with the red stripe of the ribbon cable. Place the flat side down on a sturdy surface and press it together while making sure it snaps together. There are clips on each side that should now be fully snapped shut.

5. Grab the shrouded header and find the same triangle arrow indicator.

6. Line this indicator up with the red stripe. Compress this connector together using the same technique from above..

7. Connect this at the end of a ribbon cable and then plug this into another ribbon cable. You can now plug a MIXZ into each of the ribbon cables along with the drum modules for each mixer.

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