Modular Synth

A few years ago I became fascinated with modular synthesizers and decided that I would start putting one together. At first I could not decide if I wanted to buy an assembled system or if I should build it from the ground up. Eventually I decided that an entirely DIY approach would be to my benfit since I could learn a lot more about the system in the process.

I began reading schematics and lurking around in the DIY section of the electro-music messageboard. The community is really informative and very helpful. During the last six months I participated in a few group buys and have since partially stuffed a couple PCBs. The modules I chose to start with are 1 Buchla 281 Clone, 1 Buchla 292 Clone, 2 Thomas Henry UD-1, 2 Thomas Henry MPS, 1 Thomas Henry SN Voice, and 2 Klee Sequencers. Next month I will be receiving 2 PS3100 Resonators along 2 X-panfaders and a Thomas Henry Super Controller PCB. Recently a clone of the Buchla 266 Source of Uncertainty has popped up as a PNP layout. I would like to add this module eventually but my plan is to get a few PCBs manufactured to suit my needs. A manufactured PCB would give me a good opportunity to try PCB design in Eagle CAD. I still need to decide on an additional envelope but this should keep me busy for awhile as well as fuel my excitement. Stay tuned for some photos.

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