Modular: Quantimator Prototype #3

Quantimator Prototype: Prototype #3
The third Toppobrillo Quantimator prototype was brought to life today. Between Bret, Josh, and myself we should be able to narrow down all of the bugs fairly fast. Let the bug squashing begin! Now the hardest part is going to be resisting the urge to write music. The Quantimator is really musical as soon as it is plugged into a patch and naturally it wants to be used in that context. It makes me want to play with it and not test for firmware issues. Hmm, I guess making some demos would be a way of working while playing.

So anyhow the image above is an arpeggio patch using the Quantimator with a Fonitronik Sequential Switch. The switch cycles between three notes which are output to an oscillator's pitch input. Modulating the chord selection with a control voltage adds a slight variation to the arpeggio.


Modular: Quantimator Progress

Quantimator Prototype: Bret

The Toppobrillo Quantimator is coming along nicely. The image above is one of the prototypes that we are using to test out the firmware prior to the production run. We used Pro-Modular for the prototype panels and they came out really slick looking. More information soon.The video below is of Bret testing the module out with the MakeNoise Pressure Points and the MFB OSC-02 Triple VCO.