Modular: Doepfer's New Tuxedo

Doepfer's New Tuxedo
A few days ago I handed over some Rogan PT Series knobs to my buddy Benji (Synthbenji) (Billy Sheen) so he could "update" some of his Doepfer modules. They look quite snazzy now and ready for a night out on the town. Keep it classy San Francisco.


Modular: PIC16F684 CV Quantizer

Modular: PIC16F684 CV Quantizer
Recently a DIY PIC-based Quantizer for modular synths was posted on the electro-music Forum. Since I do not currently have one I decided to breadboard it up to test it out. The first few tries were not as successful as I hoped but persistence proved to be the right path. I went through the circuit and narrowed the errors down to a problem with the PIC not programming correctly. It works now and is tons of fun. The link above will take you to the discussion.