Korg Poly-800: Potentiometers

Poly-800: Potentiometers

These are going into a Korg Poly-800 since it suffers from very little realtime control. The modifications being performed are named the FM-800 and the Moog Slayer.


Freeduino Kit: Completed

Freeduino: Completed
Took a few hours but the kit was not that hard to put togther. Wikipedia came in handy at one point to decipher the resistor codes for proper placement and the assembly guide was quite handy also. The only problem now is getting the IDE to work properly. I'm sure this can be sorted out pretty quick. Afterall. I wasn't expecting this to go entirely without issues.

The robot drawing is by G. Tan of Foreign Format

Freeduino Kit: Delivered

Yesterday delivered a great little suprise a bit earlier than I had expected,.. parts. Jameco is always so fast with shipping out orders and this time they were even fast with a holiday on the horizon. Honestly, I was hoping to receive the Freeduino Kit prior to this so I could have it assembled and running, but no luck. Today I was greeted with another little postal suprise of one Freeduino board just waiting to be assembled. The camera is charging, coffee is brewing, dubstep is pumping, and I am prepping to put the kit together.


Freeduino Kit: Ordered

A few days ago I decided to order a Freeduino Kit from NKC Electronics. The board is a physical computing platform based on the Atmega168 microcontroller chip. My intentions at first are to use this as another means to control audio software for human interaction during live performances. I have some ideas I would like to work out using OSC instead of MIDI to communicate with Pure Data and Reaktor. First I will have to work with multiplexing, shift registers, and LED drivers so I can squeeze more out of this little device.


Monome Kit: Logic Board

Monome DIY Kit: Logic Board
You are currently viewing the logic board from the inside of the Monome. This device came as a DIY kit that included most parts other than a case and LEDs. The kit is presently unavailable but on the forums there has been talk of another kit being released. Cross your fingers.